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A Book for Our Day

Dear Internet,

Recently in my Teachings and Doctrine of The Book of Mormon class we covered the coming forth and translation of The Book of Mormon. While I’ve heard about how the book is for our day many times, it never quite sank in just how much was abridged from the large plates of Nephi. In Words of Mormon, Mormon mentions how he is not giving even a “hundredth part” of what is contained within the plates. This didn’t give me any scale as to how large that really is, it is just words on a page. But, Brother Griffin showed us a 3D model of the cave containing the entirety of the plates. The scale absolutely astounded me. Plates were stacked everywhere and there were racks chock full of knowledge. From all of that, we have about 500 pages of text, specifically chosen for our day. That really helps me to know how much every word matters. It has been chosen for a reason. Remeber that for every page you read The Book of Mormon, there are at least 100 more that were not chosen for us.

Kind Regards,

Brennen Rampton