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Salvation: Arriving or Becoming?

This week in Book of Mormon class we discussed two topics on complete opposite ends of the gospel spectrum: antichrists and the Plan of Salvation. Today, I would like to explain some of the new insight I gained about the Plan of Salvation. I, like many others, often turn off my brain when I hear that the lesson in a particular church meeting is going to cover the plan of salvation. I think “OK, here we go again. Let’s draw some circles, dash a few lines, and maybe even make an analogy between a gloved hand and our mortal bodies.” But, this week I was able to gain additonal light and knowledge on the topic.

One of the main things focused on in the classic circle diagram is is location. Where we were, where we are, and where we are striving to go. Yet, when we are asked about the purpose of the plan of salvation the answer is two fold. We desire to return to live with our Heavenly Father, but we also desire to become like him. Which half, then, is the more important principle? Well, they are both equally important, but we have all previously lived in the presence of God, though we were not like him. We often become hyperfocused on returning to a location, and less on what we need to become to get there.

To be worthy of celestial glory, we need to become perfect beings. There is a slight issue with that: as humans we are inherently flawed and have to combat our carnal desires. As humans, we all make mistakes in that battle, and need to be cleansed through the healing power of the Atonement. As such, Christ’s Infinite Atonement is at the very center of the Plan.

In our lives, we can apply this knowledge to gain a new perspective on the need for repentance. Not only is repentance neccisary, coming unto Christ to be perfected in him is the central pillar of the Plan of Salvation. As we go through life let us not procrastinate repetance.

Plan of Salvation